Jordan Circle Tours (or JCT as we prefer to call it) was established in June of 1996 with a mission to provide a variety of quality tour products that uncover Jordanís splendors and make Jordan a more accessible destination to the individual traveler. A family owned company, JCT is backed by an experienced multilingual professional team, who deliver a spectrum of services to the traveler.

Besides its main office in Amman, JCT has its own offices in Aqaba, as well as sales offices in Jakarta and Manila. Tours are offered beyond Jordan in Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. 
Here, we will briefly introduce JCT to you, but nothing beats the experience of trying our services firsthand to get a feel for what we can do. More than 20í000 loyal clients have used our services this year.

We hope youíll join us soon, too. Consider this your personal invitation! 

Why JCT ??? Other than offering new and exciting products that make it easier, and more profitable, for you to sell Jordan, we are committed to:

  • Active involvement in designing your Jordan product: 
    We invite you to use our knowledge of the destination when designing your tour products or itineraries.

  • Help with getting suppliers involved:
    We can help you to arrange the best programs and rates by getting all our suppliers involved. This includes hotels, bus companies, etc. We continually perform spot checks on all our suppliers, as we want to make sure that your clients always have the best rooms in the hotels, the best meals and the best cars. We dedicate one day a week to these spot checks and as our client, you would be very welcome to join us.

  • Total Customer Care:
    We pride ourselves with the care we give to all our clients. You can rest assured that your clients will be treated with the utmost care. Should a problem arise we will make sure that we solve all problems on the spot so that your client will return home satisfied.

JCT Offices

 Main Office  Aqaba Office  Jakarta Office
 P.O.Box 840426
 Amman 11184
 Tel:      ++ 962 6 4643017
 Fax:     ++ 962 6 4658079
 24 Hr. Cell:++ 962 79 547137
 Municipality Square
 Tel:      ++ 962 3 2013757
 Fax:     ++ 962 3 2015316
 24 Hr. Cell:++ 962 79 603229
 Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.2-T
 Jakarta 10120
 Tel:     ++ 62 21 34835346
 Fax:    ++ 62 21 34834112
 24 Hr. Cell:++ 62 812 9150982

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